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Common Sleeping Problems and How to Address Them

    When you have problems sleeping, it can impact every area of your life. After all, sleep is the foundation for the rest of your physical health and mental well-being, and maintaining high-quality sleep is key to living your waking hours to the fullest.

    You go through multiple cycles of sleep stages every night, with 4-6 cycles of roughly 90 minutes each being the optimal amount. When these cycles are interrupted, the restorative effects of sleep can’t reach their full potential, and you might find yourself sluggish, foggy headed, and open to further health issues in the future.

    Here, we’ll go over some of the most common sleep issues, as well as ways that you can alleviate them by choosing the right sleep products, from the best memory foam pillow for stomach sleepers to the ideal mattress for preventing back pain.

    Sleep Apnea

    Sleep apnea is a common but potentially serious condition that can cause you to temporarily stop breathing during sleep, from either your throat muscles relaxing (obstructive sleep apnea) or from signals not being sent from your brain to control breathing properly.

    This results in frequent wake-ups throughout the night, leading to sleepiness during the day, difficulty concentrating, and even more serious health issues such as cardiovascular problems.
    Sleep apnea pillows can be purchased for those suffering from this condition. These are often made of firm memory foam, and work by ergonomically supporting your neck muscles to prevent your breathing from becoming obstructed as you sleep. Depending on your preferred sleep position, you might also find adjustable pillows that allow for different heights to be useful.

    Some sleep apnea pillows may also be shaped to accommodate a CPAP mask, which is sometimes necessary for severe sleep apnea sufferers. Whatever your specific needs, there’s a sleep apnea pillow for you.


    Insomnia is an issue that affects many people at different points in their life, leading to an inability to fall asleep and a tendency to wake up throughout the night. It can be brought on by a range of factors, from stress and diet to age, but can also be impacted by the environment you sleep in – and the bed that you sleep on.

    Many people find that a change in their mattress can lead to better quality sleep and a reduction in the symptoms of insomnia. Specifically, medium-firm memory foam mattresses are great for providing both comfort and support, while finding the right pillow for your sleeping position can also have a positive impact.

    Joint and Neck Pain

    Though joint and muscle pain isn’t strictly a sleep issue, it can certainly impact the amount of restful sleep you get each night – and it may even be caused by the way you’re sleeping.
    To combat aches and pains, you should invest in a sleeping setup that works for your individual needs, including health conditions, personal preferences, and sleep position.

    Joint and Neck Pain

    For instance, a firm memory foam pillow might be the best pillow for stomach sleepers but could cause problems for a side sleeper, who would benefit from a medium-soft pillow. Additionally, the same stomach sleeping person might benefit from a medium firm memory foam mattress to keep their spine aligned correctly throughout the night.

    Better Sleep

    At the Better Sleep Project, we have the best pillows and mattresses for every sleep problem, backed by scientific research and our own expertise. If you want to take the first steps to better quality sleep, explore our range of products or get in touch with us for further advice.