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Futon mattress

    Sleep determines both physical health and a good mood throughout the day. After all, a rested person is a happy and satisfied person.
    Fortunately, we are more and more aware that a good bed, and, in fact, a good mattress, is the basis for healthy sleep. But how to reconcile comfort and health with the small spaces in which we live? The answer is a Japanese futon mattress. What is it, and what can it give you?

    Where did the futon mattress come from?

    The original futon mattress was the answer to 3 needs: a good rest after hard work, the desire to take care of health, and dealing with small spaces in Japanese homes. The original futon bed is a thin mattress covered with natural cotton. One of the distinctive features of a futon mattress is its quilted surface. However, the most important thing about the original futon mattress is that it is unfolded only at night, while during the day it patiently waits rolled up in a closet or some storage compartment. This purely practical solution worked well in small Japanese apartments. In modern flats and houses, the possibility of folding the mattress is no longer a primary feature.

    Futon mattress in a new edition

    Futon mattress in a new edition The idea of a handy and easily modeled mattress became very attractive to the rest of the world. After some modifications, a futon mattress can be used both for sleeping and sitting. You can use a futon as a mattress for a chaise longue, or an armchair, or put it on a garden swing on a sunny day.

    Futon mattress – what’s in it?

    The original idea of creating futon mattresses was to combine naturalness and simplicity. The Japanese futon was thin, firm, and easily foldable. Western versions of the mattress combine tradition with modernity. Futon mattresses are usually completed with a layer of latex or foam or a natural coconut layer. Natural materials ensure good air circulation and adequate elasticity. You can even find a warmer version – a futon mattress with sheep wool. You can use a futon mattress as a seat or mattress for emergencies when an unannounced guest shows up at your apartment door. However, you may as well place a futon on the matching bed frame and enjoy a great night’s rest.