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Twin XL mattress

    A mattress is more than just a bedroom accessory. It’s an investment in better sleep. And better sleep leads to better days. If you spend the night wondering how much you have to hunch down to fit on your mattress, or if you wake up every time your feet feel cold, then your mattress is too short.

    Twin mattress and twin XL mattress – what’s the difference?

    Twin XL mattresses do not offer more width than conventional twin mattresses but they do provide ample legroom for taller sleepers. A twin XL is 80 inches long, which is the same as a queen-size mattress. It means it will likely be more comfortable for anyone taller than 6 feet. A twin mattress, on the other hand, is 75 inches long, which means it is the same length as a full-size mattress.

    For whom twin XL is the best choice?

    For whom twin XL is the best choice?

    Twin XL beds are very popular with taller teens and young adults. If you are looking for a mattress that can save space and become a comfortable place to sleep for a young adult or a growing teenager, the double XL will do the job perfectly.

    A twin XL will probably be more comfortable than a double mattress if you are over 6 feet tall. This extra space should prevent your feet from dangling over the edge of the bed. It is especially important if you want your growing teenager to have the correct body position while sleeping. It will also help avoid pain. Mattresses in this size are a common choice for children’s and youth bunk beds.

    Twin XL in a completely new role

    Thinking about buying a king-size mattress? Consider choosing two double mattresses to create a comfortable king-size split bed. Firstly, this option may turn out to be cheaper than buying one large mattress. Secondly, it is much easier to bring home and keep clean two twin XL mattresses. Thirdly, you get extra legroom. What a comfort!

    When choosing a twin XL mattress, first consider the size of your bedroom. The larger size of the twin XL can make a small room feel cramped. If your bedroom is large, feel free to invest in higher sleeping comfort. After all, we spend a third of our lives in bed.