The Health Effects of Combining Melatonin and Alcohol

Most people have wondered whether it is possible to combine both alcohol and melatonin. Still, the fact remains that there must be a time interval for there to be an effective utilization of the same. Alcohols are better suited for certain people, as long they are not wrongly combined with supplements like melatonin. 

Despite most alcohols’ exhausted nature, it still reduces the degree of melatonin in the human body. Alcohol can disrupt your sleeping circles. Also, if you have a breathing issue, alcohol can malfunction the muscles within your airways. 

The combination of both melatonin and alcohol can have some side effects on your health. Most medical specialists don’t prescribe it. 

Mixing alcohol and melatonin have some adverse effects on your health; indeed, you would not like to try them first. 

Here are some of the side effects of the combination of melatonin and alcohol; maybe this might be a guide for some people:

1 Drowsiness

We know that the consequence of drowsiness is that it will slow your daily function or work. Your concentration level reduces drastically, and you feel like sleeping all the time. During these times, you discover that you lack focus and as well become weak. This feeling is usually because some drugs are not properly prescribed or taken an overdose.

2. Dizziness

This is very dangerous, as you begin to have double vision and the things around you. At this point, you should stay away from any form of driving or walking around. Hallucination is another cardinal sign of the intake or combination of melatonin and alcohol. When you notice this effect, make sure to alert any personality in the drug administration. 

3. Anxiety

Another critical effect of combining melatonin and alcohol is that there is usually a high degree of anxiety on the individual’s emotional and psychological stress. For most people, they have high blood pressure.  

Combining melatonin and alcohol and not expect an adverse effect is like consuming a sleeping pill and not expect to sleep.

4 Other Complications that Happens After Combining Melatonin and Alcohol

Sometimes, we barely recognize how the combination of alcohol and melatonin can affect your liver. Your liver loses the ability to produce some kinds of enzymes. Here, you will find out some other complications: 

● You will notice some swellings in your ankles and feet. 

● You will be unable to think and focus more clearly. 

● Your heartbeat becomes abnormally fast. 

● Your upper body and face appear flushed. 

● Fever and an abnormal feeling of cold, which the roots cause are untraceable. 

● The victim finds it difficult to breathe most of the time.  

People usually neglect these signs, but it is advisable to consult your doctor when noticing these symptoms or side effects.

Consultation is an essential aspect of medical science. Most drugs are too sensitive to be taken without consulting medical personnel or a doctor. 

With this understanding, anytime you are observing or having insomnia and some sleeping disorders. The best cause of action is to involve your doctor, do this before consuming melatonin supplements. 

“Find a personal doctor with whom you can discuss your health issues, especially in the cases where you seem to have a combination of melatonin and alcohol.”

Some Ways To Takes Melatonin Without Side Effects

Since most supplements are packaged and prescribed in doses, it is expedient to determine the best dose that best suits your body system. For some people, their body’s metabolism can not accommodate a higher degree of doses. For example, 0.1 mg and 5 mg are usually the advisable dosages for sleep.

“If you take melatonin with proper prescription from your doctor, what might be designed to give you an advantage will work for your disadvantage.” 

Usually, dosages are determined based on your age, past or present health conditions, duration of time to take it, and finally, the core motivations for taking it. Here, some guidelines are stipulated, which will enable someone to maximize the intake of melatonin. 

“Taking melatonin is not a bad idea anyway, but it is a bad idea to take it without finding out the dosage that your body metabolism can take.”

Some of those guidelines are:

● Taking melatonin, according to some nutritionists and professional doctors, should be taken 30 minutes before nighttime. 

● The sensitive nature of melatonin is what makes it necessary to be taken in various ways. Preferably, it is best to take melatonin in tablets. It has been considered to be the safest means by several medical personnel. You can get the tablets in stores and pharmacies. 

● It has been impliedly stated that when you have taken some tablets of melatonin, make sure you do not approach certain activities that create vulnerability, like using your laptops, televisions, and mobile phones. These devices make light rays that disturb the patient. The brightness of the screen of these devices or electronics cause complications for your body. 

● After the intake of the supplement, melatonin, do well to avoid all forms of alcoholic substances. Note that most melatonins function by time; in other words, they swing into performance after about 30 minutes and some seconds. If you take any alcoholic drink, it will indeed interrupt the process of getting the desired results. 

“It is not poisonous substances that cause ill health but taking medications without knowing how.”

You should not have issues taking these supplements, but it is better not to take them than to abuse them. Like other medications, melatonin can be abused, which will cause some side effects on the body. Therefore, it is better and safer to take melatonins without mixing them with alcohol. 


We have tried to discuss what these substances and supplements are and their function. Both alcohol and melatonin, are separate and can be taken separately, but they can’t be combined.