Would You Instead Consider Melatonin In Children?

It is possible that you might not have come across Melatonin and kids in the same sentence; we cannot expect you to be an island after all. Melatonin supplements exist just like others; you must have come across different vitamins for children. On the other hand, you might be aware of several facts on the subject before you open this article, but you have to believe that you still have one or two to pick here. As there are even different answers to the question if Melatonin can be used every night, many are always concerned about the safety of Melatonin in children. Like every other supplement, the FDA’s Melatonin is not regulated, and such products are usually advised to be used with caution. 

Why you would employ Melatonin

One thing is sure; Melatonin is a better choice than most hypnotics you would find around due to the risk of dependence on these drugs. While we cannot dispute the fact that it is healthy to allow one to fall asleep rather than depending on any substance, it is also expected that not that people want to use Melatonin for inducing sleep when they don’t need it. They honestly need it most time. Several sleep aids are available in pharmacies that are always available as an over-the-counter medication on pharmacists’ shelves. This implies that you don’t need a prescription to access Melatonin. You can grab it on the same frame that you pick up for vitamins for your children.

Several paediatricians have given their consent to using melatonin supplements in kids, generally for children who have survived sleeplessness for several days due to specific illnesses. The trend used to be given children drugs that have sedating effects like chlorpheniramine; we can all agree that there has been a shift eventually. When using supplements or medications for children, formulation matters a lot. It is what determines whether the child would tolerate the product or not. You will not be surprised to see different formulations when you visit any pharmacy or health nutrition store. For children, compliance is never easy. It is a significant challenge in healthcare that has led children to different hospital emergency units. 

The available formulations for children have always been a colourful and edible product. Several brands of Melatonin that have been able to deliver chewable Melatonin have made waves in the market. This innovation has been in existence for quite a while, but it takes a brilliant mind to look for the next problem and proffer a solution. Chewable Melatonin for kids has been the best option for children who have to take Melatonin as an aid. The truth is that; Melatonin might not be the solution to your child’s problem. You have to identify the problem before proceeding to the next line of action. For children that have an issue with the production of Melatonin, the use of a melatonin supplement would always be justifiable. 

With its great chewable formulation, the use of Melatonin might still fail on children who premeditatedly delay sleep for some events. You could talk about different formulations for kids, and examples are liquids, tablets, gummies, and the popular chewable Melatonin for kids. Some paediatricians would consider that you should discontinue melatonin supplements when they find out that your child does not have any melatonin production issue. On the other hand, several paediatricians would never consider it for some age range, especially for children under five years who are expected not to have any sleep disorder associated with Melatonin. The use of Melatonin on such children would be a waste and be considered as unnecessary therapy. The chewable Melatonin for kids has not only been useful for kids who particularly have an issue with sleep due to defects in the production of Melatonin. In a condition like Attention Deficit Hypersensitivity disorder, children often develop sleep disorders, usually due to medications used in the condition’s treatment. 

Attention Deficit Hypersensitivity Disorders

Children taking drugs for ADHD might have to take melatonin supplements for a long time because the drug’s withdrawal will reverse them to the initial reason for needing the melatonin supplement. The chewable form of Melatonin allows kids to take the required dose for efficacy, and it is possible that due to the taste of the melatonin supplement, children might want to take more. As parents, keeping medications and accessories out of reach of children is vital, and the fact that there is a little research on whether the drug is safe in children would buttress the claim. You would not want the chewable Melatonin to affect your children’s growth due to its hormonal nature. You can encourage other practices alongside the melatonin supplementation, such as choosing a consistent bedtime pattern and avoiding light when bedtime is approaching.