Various Formulations of Melatonin for Children

Having established the effect that melatonin has on the human body, it is essential to consider what formulation appeals to one taste bud to benefit from the supplement. You would ask about the source of melatonin supplements since we have always referred to it as a naturally produced hormone in the body. The same way other hormones are produced in the human body, such as testosterone, progesterone, etc. They all exist as a drug in pharmacies and pharmacy unit in a different hospital. Some are made directly from animals, while others are synthesized from existing raw materials. 

Children are one of the standard populations that battles insomnia; in other words, they experience sleeplessness due to certain conditions or deliberate sleep pattern actions. Among children that have to struggle with ADHD, certain medications have always been the factor for insomnia and in a major depressive state. In a depressive state, it could be either way. Either you are not sleeping, or you are sleeping too much. Children taking Melatonin are to be monitored for taking the required dose because formulation enhancement might be why some children would want to take more than the stipulated dosage. 

Melatonin’s safety in children is not some research that has been worked on extensively, and as a result, answers regarding the issues night not be assertive. To ascertain that any product’s safety, a number of research must have been done on the work. Melatonin supplement is not specifically a hormone, but it likely affects the human hormone. You have to produce enough Melatonin at night to get a fitful sleep when the night falls and what is left is to retire for the day. The availability of Melatonin in different dosage forms allows it to be a perfect fit for children. It is logical when you consider other drugs that have typical and not so flexible dosage forms, and children might not tolerate them either because they are too bitter or hard to swallow.

Melatonin Pills

It’s all about presence; selecting any dosage form would depend on the individual taking the drug and which dosage form the person tolerates better. Talking about different dosage forms, we have melatonin pills in the form of capsules and tablets. You should not be surprised if some people are interested in taking the pill form rather than other states. Indeed, children cannot be the candidate for this type of dosage due to their bitterness or bland taste. Children like to munch on sweet products like candy, gummy or chewable tablets. The melatonin pills have some advantages and demerits, and it is a product you can trust if you are keeping it for a long time. Examples include Nature Made Melatonin, Nature’s Bounty Quick Dissolve Melatonin, etc. 

Melatonin liquid

In the absence of some required strength, melatonin tablets can be divided to make up for the prescribed power. An example is when you are prescribed a melatonin tablet 0.5mg, but what is available in your premise is 1mg, then you can easily divide it into two. For children, the tablet might not be the option at all due to difficulty in swallowing. Also, other formulations include Liquid Melatonin; this type of product might not be a bad option for children who have to take a melatonin supplement. It is merely the regular syrup or suspension formulation used for children. It is a better option than a tablet for people who cannot tolerate melatonin pills. An example includes Natrol Liquid Melatonin, Svasthya Pure Liquid Melatonin, etc.

Melatonin Gummies

The average population has experienced different acceptability of the melatonin formulation when the candidate or patient is children. The widely accepted formulation remains the melatonin gummies. Unlike what we use to know, gummies are available for CBD and multivitamins and Melatonin. Children and some elderly who cannot tolerate the other forms of Melatonin are the target for the melatonin gummies. They have a good taste that would enhance compliance in any fellow taking the product. It is an example of the chewable gummies for kids aside from the chewable tablets. Children can munch on the gummies to achieve some fine particles that can be swallowed with ease. 

The problem that you can record using melatonin gummies on an individual, whether a child or an adult, is that they may be treated like candies and taken more than the prescribed dosage. The risk is that the melatonin supplement’s side effect would increase with an increase in dosage, and for susceptible children, the effect might be severe than in adults. Examples of melatonin gummies that you would find in the market are Vitafusion Melatonin Gummies, Natrol Gummies, etc. 

Other Formulations

Other melatonin forms that do not require one ingesting a pill or chewing any gummies are the Creams, Powders, and Sprays.

In children, since there is no clear-cut statement or definite research that states that the use of Melatonin is safe,ultimately, it would be a better option if there can be a way to stimulate the release of Melatonin in children naturally. One can employ certain things to get the circadian rhythm of children back to its usual function. If you want to ensure that your child receives the rhythm back on track, then you need to consider the environment in which your child retires at night. You have to provide a quiet environment with no lighting, and there has to be a regular sleep pattern to follow every night, and phones or any screen effect should be away from the sleeping environment. Indeed, you don’t need a pill or pills to get certain disorders on track. 

While melatonin supplements are treated like every other supplement, some have asked whether it is safe to take it every night. Since it is a supplement, one can be sure that it is not associated with dependency. However, it might not be advisable because the clinical trial on melatonin supplements is not intense. Hence, one needs to moderate its use!