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Our pillows

    As well as top-of-the-range mattresses, The Better Sleep Project features a variety of pillows for all kinds of sleepers. Like a good mattress, your pillow is a vital component of maintaining high-quality sleep – if you can mitigate problems like neck pain, mild to severe sleep apnea, or insomnia, you’ll be waking up less frequently, and feeling more refreshed in the mornings.
    But there isn’t just one perfect pillow out there – a pillow should be chosen according to your own personal needs, from your health conditions and sleeping position to preferences like wanting a soft pillow or something with a cooling effect. Here, we have pillows for all kinds of people and their sleep preferences, whether you’re looking for memory foam, latex, or something more specialist like an adjustable pillow.

    Sleep science pillows

    When picking a pillow, there’s a range of factors you should consider, and as sleep science experts, we know the best kind of pillow for each sleeper. Wondering what the best pillow for stomach sleepers is? Try something firm like memory foam pillows or a saatva latex pillow designed for stomach sleeping. How about side sleepers? A softer shredded memory foam pillow could be right for you. Sleep science pillows It’s also important to take any health conditions that can impact your sleep under consideration. For instance, if your sleep apnea symptoms or apparatus are becoming obstructive, sleep apnea pillows designed with medical research around the condition in mind, and that accommodate CPAP masks, might be a great choice for you. No matter your sleep needs, we can provide a supportive pillow to help get you the restful sleep you deserve.

    A better pillow for you

    When it comes to sleep, we know that we have the best products on the market – including the best pillows. Your pillow can make a surprising level of difference to your life. After all, sleep doesn’t just stay in the bedroom; it’s the foundation for how you feel throughout your day. If you need more advice, we’re here to help – contact us for assistance in finding the right pillow for you!