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Queen air mattress

    Choosing the right mattress size is important when choosing your next bed. If you think you need a large mattress to get a good night’s sleep, a queen might be the option for you. And if you dream of combining a large size with better body contouring and pain relief, check out what the queen mattress has to offer.

    What is a queen air mattress?

    Do you want to say that an air mattress is an inflatable mattress and that’s it? Perhaps, so far, you have only associated it with summer camping or hosting unannounced guests for the weekend. But have you ever asked these guys how they slept? It may seem like an exaggeration, but you can use a queen air mattress for many different purposes than sleeping in the open air. An air mattress has many benefits, such as good body contouring and back and joint pain relief. It is also far easier to maintain than a regular mattress, it is portable and durable, and above all, it is big. What is a queen air mattress?

    Queen air mattress – real royal dimensions

    The queen mattress’s dimensions are 60″ x 80″ (5 feetx6 feet, 8 inches) making it just a little smaller than a king mattress’s dimensions (76”x80” 6 feet, 4 inchesx6 feet, 8 inches). If you combine truly royal dimensions with incredible practicality, you will get the sleeping space you dream of.

    Why consider a queen air mattress?

    Most air mattresses offer adjustable levels of airflow. Thanks to this convenience, you can quickly and easily change the hardness of your bed. It is especially helpful if you suffer from problems with sleeping, or back pain. Air mattresses improve blood flow by alternating pressure from one air chamber to another. The possibility of adjusting the inflation of the mattress also allows for better body shaping thanks to the support of the spine in all sleeping positions. This possibility of adjustment allows you to adjust the mattress to your personal needs. One of the frequently mentioned benefits of queen air is the lack of sagging which is common with regular memory foam mattresses. And the air mattress? You can just fill it with more or less air. This allows you to postpone the purchase of a new mattress.