Sleep Advice That Works

Get Rid of Blue Light

Blue light is a sleep killer. It sends your body a powerful signal that it’s time to get up, and it comes from the devices we use most: laptops, phones, the television. But there are ways to take it out of the equation before bedtime…

Check Out the Best Sleep Book

Shawn Stevenson offers a fantastic synthesis of the best thinking around sleep, nutrition, and mind/body health – all centered on ways to sleep better. This is a great introduction to better sleep for anyone who struggles to get enough of ‘the sleep sauce,’ as he...

Track Your Sleep with the Sleep Cycle App

Tracking your sleep is a powerful tool to make changes – research shows that sleep deprivation causes you to misjudge how much sleep you’re getting so you might be surprised when you start paying close attention. Knowing how much and how well you slept will tell you whether your sleep strategies are working.

Block It All Out

Ear Plugs and an Eye-mask are essential to my sleep. They send an instant signal to your brain that it’s time to go sleep – an easy sleep hygiene win.

Get More Magnesium

Magnesium might be the most common mineral our bodies are deficient in – it has a powerful effect on your sleep, your relaxation, and your general health.

Four Great Ideas to Help You Sleep Better

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