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The Better Sleep Project offers a free online sleep diary so you can see what is really keeping you awake. A blank Sleep Diary is the first thing sleep doctors hand to their patients when they walk into the office. Now you can use it at home, on your laptop or your phone. No other app lets you track your sleep with the clinical standard Sleep Diary. Use it for two weeks to understand your sleep and make big changes in how you sleep. If you need to, you can share your results with your doctor – it’s the same one they use.


Starting a Sleep Diary is the surprisingly simple way to improve your sleep fast.
The same powerful tool that’s helped millions of people who suffer from insomnia is now a convenient web app on The Better Sleep Project. A sleep diary is the first tool doctors use to assess patients with trouble sleeping – but you don’t need to be a doctor to get the benefits. And you can start tonight.

How Can A Sleep Diary Help?


Keeping a Sleep Diary will help you track your sleep, showing you the factors that are keeping you from getting consistent rest – Use it to discover the hidden patterns that are disrupting your sleep.

Understand Your Sleep

You can understand your sleep patterns and habits. We’re often very surprised at the difference between how we think we sleep and how we’re really sleeping.

Take Action

You can start taking action. Tracking your sleep shows you what you need to change. It can also show you if sleep aids like Melatonin are working for you over the long term.

Help Your Doctor

If you decide to consult a doctor, your doctor can use your diary to find the right solution to help you sleep.


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What Would Change in Your Life with Better Sleep?

Have More Energy

A good night’s sleep changes everything – you’ll be amazed at how different you feel after good sleep.

Lose That Sense of Fatigue

If you’re not sleeping well, there is a deep sense of fatigue that makes everything harder. 

Accomplish More

Get more done in your day with all of the extra energy good sleep brings you.

A Sleep Diary is the clinical standard for sleep therapists around the world, and is the first step to discovering what’s keeping you from getting your best sleep. Now you can use the same Sleep Diary recommended by the Harvard Sleep Center, the University of Pittsburgh, and hundreds of other respected sleep research centers.


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