Learn How to Get Great Sleep Every Night

First things first: There is no silver bullet for sleeping better – it’s a process. That’s why this site is here, to guide you through a process to get the best sleep possible. Our sleep is ruled by habits and subtle environmental cues and everyone knows habits are hard to change. For example, you’ve undoubtedly read that you should only associate your bed with sleep and sex. Sounds good, but that association doesn’t happen just because you read an article about sleeping better on a website. You need a process that will be with you to help you make the deep changes.

Creating your own Better Sleep Project means getting rid of the behaviors that are keeping you awake, adding in new techniques to make it easier to get to sleep, and building your own set of habits that I call your personal Sleep Ritual. This is the set of actions you take each night that tell your body it’s time for bed. A strong Sleep Ritual sends your brain powerful signals that will make sleep unavoidable.

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